A bit about me – Who am I?

Hi There! Welcome to my website!

My name is Dalia El Ali, and I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon. I hold a BA in Communications, and a minor in Fine Arts from the Lebanese American University (LAU).  I started my career as a news and feature writer for the university’s newspaper and website, then moved on to advertising, where I did my internship in copywriting, and ultimately landing a job as a content executive.

Work Gap in 2020

I recently moved to Germany to pursue my MA in Digital Media and Society at Universitât Bremen after 15 months of being stuck in my country due to numerous reasons. The first reason was that an uprising took place in my country on October, 17, 2019, which caused a delay in my visa. I was only able to receive my visa in mid-January, 2020. After receiving it, I saw that it was issued to me in mid-March, which by then there was a global pandemic that caused border closure around the world (including Lebanon and Germany) which resulted in my flight getting cancelled. My visa expired after 3 months (12th June), and the borders opened on the 14th of June. I then applied for a visa extension, which was issued to me on August 4, 2020, minutes before the Beirut blast took place.

Thankfully, I was able to come to Germany less than a week later after the airport was somewhat repaired, and I was finally able to continue my winter semester without any issues. I  took this time to continue my studies, and heal, and was also able to take the German A1 level, despite coming to class a little late due to all the chaos and delays. That said, learning a new language takes time, but nothing is impossible. I do my best at studying the language whenever I have free time.

With that being said, I hope this answered any questions that you might have about my work and educational background. I am currently looking for a paid internship as part of my MA program. I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life, one that is without any chaos, pain or instability.

Other than that, I have been shortlisted by BBC Xtra, MSL Lebanon, and Leo Burnett Lebanon.

Dalia El Ali

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