Nina Abdel Malak (Brand Design)

Information: This design was part of an assignment/test that I did for a company called Vinelab, which mainly works with influencers and their social media pages, as well as insights. It was one of the designs I did for an artist/influencer called Nina Abdel Malak, who participated in Star Academy, and had gained notoriety for her beautiful singing voice. She had just released a new rendition for a 90s song, and the concept that was given to me involved a potential collaboration with a brand, so I chose Bershka since Nina’s overall instagram vibe at the time was somewhat on the vintage spectrum, while being trendy and casual, but a little old school. The first image was taken from her instagram page, and placed in a Polaroid frame as part of a memory, while the latter was meant to represent cut out from a magazine ad for Bershka. Since this was merely a test, I didn’t have time to go fix or change anything, so I submitted it. I was shortlisted for the position (down to the last 3), but ultimately, the company went with someone more experienced (and had a degree) in the field of graphic design.


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